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Universal Life ChurchThis is a collection of funeral ceremonies and readings that have been contributed by our Universal Life Church ministers or have been found and appreciated on the internet. We always try to give credit to the author when we can. If you have a funeral ceremony you'd like to share, please send it to amy@ulcseminary.org and we'll be delighted to post it. If you need a ceremony, help yourself. We update this site as often as we can, so please check back.

Master of Spirituality Lesson 6

Master of Spirituality Lesson 6 I am struggling with the concept that evil when it is absorbed by good no longer exists, but is good.  Since God made everything, and it was all good this makes sense, that there is no evil.  Why then do we speak of evil as bad.  Something like atomic energy, […]

Comparative Religion Lesson 6

Comparative religions  lesson 6 Working through this lesson brings some interesting thoughts to my mind, that is esoteric or mystical experiences, are they shareable and duplicable, or are they only to be experienced first hand.  Those who do not have these experiences first hand either do not believe that they exist, or that they would […]

Kind Words

Dear Amy: The Great Spirit, God, the flow of the earth,, must have known I needed your attention and words.  It’s almost telepathic; knowing I was bored some years ago in another profession, was one of the main reasons I’m doing what I am.  With sincere appreciation thank you so very much for taking time to […]

A Course in Miracles

WHO AM IIn the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. These words are from the King James Bible in the passage of John 1. When I was young I went this way and that way playing in life. As I grew older I learned responsibility, and […]

A Course in Miracles

                                            A Course in Miracles Dr. of Metaphysics I have completed the course in miracles, each lesson took on a life of its own. This is a course for the strong and determined for it will bring about fundamental change in perception.  Changes in the perception of one person  thus brings about changes in all that […]


What I learned at Spirit Quest camp…… There have been so many things I have learned over the last 30 weeks that it is hard to know where to start. The first things that impressed me about the lessons that there were words to express what I was doing. There was a way to communicate […]
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