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Universal Life ChurchThis is our page of misc. ceremonies. We find some of the most interesting ceremonies on the internet, as well as some amzing ceremonies sent by our Universal Life Church ministers. If you need a ceremony of an unusual kind, check here. We also have Pagan ceremonies too, so if you are Wiccan or Pagan in general, you might find something useful here. If not, we do have 'Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage', along with its companion 'More Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage' available through the church store. You can find the exactly link using the master index on the left.

Universal Life ChurchAlso, you may wish to become ordained through the Universal Life Church. An application is on the left.

Universal Life Church - Seminary

Spirituality and Prayer

1.       Explain how I agree/disagree with the Course’s view on forgiveness: I agree with the Course’s view on forgiveness. I had never thought about the “forgiveness of destruction”, however, in my life and my interactions with others I see how the ego keeps us stuck. I know that when I become angry or hurt my... ( read more)

Spiritual Leadership

Leadership in Christian terms.Colin Burgess. Not having any real experience in leadership as an elder, or organizer within a church I am writing this essay from the outside looking in. A lot of people could write on this topic objectively , but I must write on it subjectively using a book by John Macarthur “CALLED... ( read more)

Historical Jesus

Final EssaySearch for the Historical Jesus Submitted by Ernest Kayorie The search for the Historical Jesus course has been a delightful review/romp through the various theories surrounding this controversial subject.  The instructor takes you through the various theories surrounding the search beginning with Reimarus and his school of thought and ending with current theories which... ( read more)

Mystical Christianity

LESSON 4 – ESSENES AND GNOSTICS;   QUESTIONS FOR THE HEART AND MIND;     1. What does it mean to ‘know yourself’? How well do you know your True Self? Who are you?   ‘To know myself’ means to know the deepest thoughts, aspirations and fears that lie within me. I know myself better... ( read more)

Spirit Quest

Spirit-Quest Master of Metaphysics Rev. Don Eck When I started this course I thought wow 30 weeks is a long time, but as each week passed I kept looking forward to the next lesson with excitement.  This has been a course that will be with me for years to come.  Thank you, Amy for putting... ( read more)

Universal Life Church

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