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Seminary Application - To apply to be a seminary student, this page has all you need to get the free mailings and the status of being a seminary student. You will get exclusive seminary student mailings along with samples of all the courses.
Student Letter - This is a letter from one of our seminary student graduates who want to talk about what it is to be a seminary student and what it is to be a minister. If you're not yet sure you are ready to take the step, hear from someone else who has.
Seminary Graduates - This page lists the graduates of both the Seminary Program and the Chaplaincy Program. If you have graduated and are not listed, please let me know, as I do get behind and I occasionally forget to update things. Course Essays - Once you finish a course, you will be required to write an essay in order to receive your degree. Our blog is full of essays written by our ministers, as well as stories of why people became ordained and occasionally a few kind words.
Chaplaincy Program - The Chaplaincy Program is a separate program from the Seminary program, although all courses you take during the Chaplaincy count towards seminary graduation. Click for more information. Discussion Forum - This is where our ministers get together to talk about their courses, beliefs, share ceremonies and stories of their ministries. It's a great place to meet some ministers and see what being a ULC minister is all about.
FAQs - This is a wide selection of frequently asked questions about the Seminary, being a minister in general, and many pages about some of the many religions in the world and of our ministers. Your ministering abilities will be enhanced by knowing about the beliefs of others. About Us - The ULC Seminary has been around since 2004 and is affiliated with the real, original Universal Life Church in Modesto, CA. To understand the differences between the various ULCs, which had a split in 2006 and another change in 2009 or so, go to Change of Site for a video and more information.
Course Submission - If you would like to submit a course for the seminary, please check out this page to review the submissions guidelines. We are always looking for different courses. Prayers - If you are in need of a prayer or would like to spend some time in prayer for someone else, this is a great place to post them. There's a FB app to write them down.


ULC Ceremonies

Universal Life ChurchBelow we have a collection of wedding ceremonies that have been offered by our Universal Life Church ministers or found and appreciated on the internet. All credit is given where we are able. Please feel free to use any of the free online ceremonies here and/or send me your original ceremony to share with the other ULC ministers. We are very proud of the generosity and creativeness of our Universal Life Church Ministers. If you wish to be ordained online for free, there is a form on the left. Any ceremonies can be sent to amy@ulcseminary.org

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